New Release: Introducing Custom Fields

May 24


Sydney Johnson

Add custom data points to your Aumni reports for next-level portfolio insights

Custom Fields let you augment your Aumni data with other information you care about within the Portfolio Companies and Transaction Ledger Reports. Now you can eliminate the need to toggle between spreadsheets or merge data across various sources by centralizing all your proprietary information into one digital report for seamless, efficient portfolio data management and investment decision-making.

Manage your investment data from a single pane of glass

With Custom Fields, you can:

  • Add new data fields to the Portfolio Companies or Transaction Ledger reports.
  • Track proprietary investment information that exists outside of legal agreements.
  • Copy-paste the values you care about from a spreadsheet directly into the application.
  • Download a customized, turnkey report ready to be shared with your stakeholders.
  • Eliminate time-consuming data consolidation activities by generating one digital spreadsheet in Aumni with all the information you care about.

Accessing Custom Fields

You can access Custom Fields via three Aumni reporting workflows from the Reports section in the Aumni platform.  

Start with one of the following:

  • Portfolio Companies or Transaction Ledger Report template
  • An existing saved report
  • “Start from Scratch,” Aumni’s custom report builder

After adding a  Custom Field, you can select a data type from the dropdown and enter your own value. Aumni will save this Custom Field for future use so you can recycle this column and its data inputs for other reports, making it easy to optimize your recurring reporting workflows.

If you prefer to build your own report template, click on New Custom Field, accessible on the lefthand side of the Report Builder.

When viewing a report, you can also select the “+” button at the far right of the table and click “Add Existing Datapoint” to automatically add a new column with data points tracked by Aumni. To speed up data entry into the platform, copy-paste the dataset you care about from Excel straight into your report, bypassing individual inputs altogether.  

Using Custom Fields

You can use Custom Fields in a variety of ways. Here are some examples:

  • Create Custom Fields to track ESG and DE&I-related investments for easy filtering.  Copy-paste ESG-related provisions from your side letters for streamlined reporting to specific LPs. 
  • Add fields for DBA, investment team focus, and lead partner to accurately track and filter key internal data points for siloed operations.
  • Add law firm or founder contact information alongside company data so you can quickly reach out to key parties in the case of a critical event.

Custom Fields are available to all Aumni customers with Report access. Simply customize your columns and download a turnkey report optimized for your organization. 

To learn more, reach out to your Customer Success team or email