New Release: Introducing the Co-Investors Report 2.0

Nov 17


Sydney Johnson

Get unprecedented visibility into your co-investor network 

We’ve completely rearchitected how co-investment data is presented in Aumni Reports, giving you granular insight into each of your co-investors at the company level, all in a single digital spreadsheet.

Track co-investor ownership and activity across your portfolio with an expanded dataset and streamline how you analyze past investments, research peers, and identify best-fit investors to collaborate with on new rounds.

Expanded data coverage and customization 

As the leading data provider for co-investment intelligence, we’re making it easier and faster for you to get the data you need to succeed.  

The updated Co-Investors Report will include the previous report columns and the information you care most about from each co-investors section of a Company Page. Drill down into an investment’s underlying co-investors while maintaining complete visibility into co-investor activity across your broader portfolio. 

With the updated dataset, you can now monitor:

  • Co-investor's entry stage
  • Co-investor all participating stages
  • Co-investor total new money invested
  • Co-investments count
  • Investment current stage
  • Investment industry category
  • Most recent financing date
  • Board-seat holder
  • Latest-round lead investor
  • Met major investor threshold
  • And more


Add data points and then click to view a turnkey report that you’ve optimized for your organization.

Accessing the new Co-Investors Report 

You can access the Co-Investors Report from the Reports section in Aumni. If you have previously saved Co-Investors Reports, they will update automatically to the new format.  


Legacy vs. 2.0

We listened to your feedback. The legacy Co-Investor Report didn’t provide enough detail to help fund managers leverage their network in dealmaking. By building a new Report and organizing data at the investment level, we aim to streamline how you source and analyze the information you care about.


 With the newly upgraded Co-Investors Report, you can:

  • Stay competitive in dealmaking by collaborating with best-fit investors
  • Analyze co-investor holdings and compare ownership for stronger negotiations
  • Target the right investors to lead or support a new round based on their past activity 
  • Transform outreach from cold to warm by including new context on each shared deal
  • Enhance relationship management by adding co-investment data to your CRM 

What’s next

This month, we’ll be adding more data to the Co-Investors Report, including:

  • Units purchased
  • Units converted
  • Total units
  • Units issued as % of preferred
  • Units issued as FD%


The Co-Investors Report is available to all Aumni customers with Reports access. To learn more, reach out to your customer success team or email