Venture Lives in Aumni.

See how Aumni's world-class investment analytics solution can benefit organizations of all sizes.

"Aumni represents the best in venture capital portfolio monitoring and management. This is what private market investors have been waiting for."
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"Aumni’s offerings are unique because its insights come from executed contracts while other firms largely source data from public filings and self-reported survey data."
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I recommend Aumni to pretty much every venture firm that I come in contact with, especially if they express challenges or concerns related to portfolio management, cap table management, or document management.

Les Craig
Partner at Next Frontier

I think there is huge potential for a lot of firms, including ourselves to invest more in the tech stack, automate the back office and put analytics in the hands of the investment team to make better decisions.

Breton Birkhofer
Principal at Prologis Ventures