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Civilization Ventures Case Study: Empowering Emerging Managers with Data-Driven Fundraising

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Civilization Ventures Case Study: Empowering Emerging Managers with Data-Driven Fundraising

Accurate investment details and access to those numbers quickly are critical for emerging fund managers to consistently generate reliable reporting and process informed decision-making. Civilization Ventures is an emerging venture capital firm focused on investing in companies with leading-edge health tech and biology innovations. They sought help from Aumni when they grew frustrated by manually maintaining spreadsheets to reconcile share counts across dozens of companies.

Civilization Ventures selected Aumni early in the firm’s growth. Their two-person team needed, at minimum, an organized repository of final legal and financial documents across multiple funds and portfolio companies. Plus, they needed an easier way to provide access to those documents at tax time. 

By leveraging Aumni’s proprietary data analytics platform, the Civilization Ventures team has been able to validate the accuracy of its reporting. They also benefit from sharing access to a single data source across their portfolio companies. 

Themasap Khan, Ph.D., Vice President at Civilization Ventures, shares this feedback: 

“When raising a growth fund, having updated numbers becomes very important. Access to complete document sets is also critical, and not every startup reports its content to third-party platforms. However, we feel confident we have a complete data set; executed contracts for each portfolio company live on Aumni’s platform.”

Download the case study to learn why Civilization Ventures made Aumni the firm’s technology of choice for streamlining fundraising, reporting, and so much more.

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