Aumni's Kelsey Chase Explores Growth in the Private Capital Markets with Sutton Capital CEO, Dr. Joel Palathinkal

Jan 3


Nicole Davis

Aumni's president and co-founder, Kelsey Chase, recently sat down with Dr. Joel Palathinkal, CEO of Sutton Capital and an LP / Mentor to emerging investment managers, to share his views on the private capital markets.

In this video interview, Kelsey discusses his career in venture law and the experiences that led to the formation of Aumni. He also offers advice for emerging managers, including considerations to keep in mind at the beginning of their journey and when to consider oneself ready for institutional investors.

Other themes addressed during the Q&A include: what's getting LPs excited right now, the convergence of public and private markets, differentiation in the fundraising process, evaluating geographies/cross-border opportunities, attribution, and the future of data in the private capital markets. 

View the full hour-long interview here.