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Inside Aumni: A Look at What Fuels Our Team

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Whipping up and indulging in extraordinary dishes is big at Aumni, especially now with some of the other entertainment and travel on hold. To make the most out of the moment, we’ve asked our team members to share their at-home kitchen concoctions and curbside culinary delights with us as a way to stay connected, while apart.

Over the past month or so you may have seen #AumniFoodFlexes posted each Friday on our social channels. Today, we’re rounding up the best of the best and sharing the inspiration and story behind each dish, as well as if it tasted as good as it looks—or maybe better than it looks! So, let’s see what fuels our team…

Moose Burger Masterpiece

Hand crafted at home by Chef Darren, this stack features a moose patty (cooked over an open fire, of course) with chipotle, smoked paprika, wild trap caught prawns, avocado, bacon and kimchi. 

Darren says: “Having a freezer full of moose meat, I am fortunate to be able to try all kinds of ways to cook it. I wanted to attempt a west coast style ‘stacked’ burger, and mission accomplished!

Bread of Life

When it comes to bread, there’s no shortage of creative uses—even when it comes to dessert! Pawan gave a stale baguette a second life by cutting it up and making a delicious bread pudding. Whether you eat it for dessert with chocolate sauce and ice cream or for breakfast with whipped cream and maple syrup, you will surely be satisfied! 

How’d he learn to be so resourceful? Pawan says: “The French culture and cooking has been a big part of our family, and I'm forever fascinated with recipes that use anything that could go stale or bad soon. French toast or bread pudding are two great examples.”

Egg-cellent Egg Rolls

When it comes to egg rolls, anything goes! A quick Google search shows links for “99 Mouthwatering Egg Roll Ideas”, “14 Recipes for Anyone Who Likes Egg Rolls” and the list goes on. So when we saw this #AumniFoodFlexes come in labeled “Trevor’s Signature Egg Rolls” we were eager to know what’s inside! The answer: egg and broccoli!

Classic with a Twist

Jake cut no corners with this dish: Dijon baked pork chops with cheddar rice. The classic, yet unexpected combination is making our mouths water! We bet he went back for seconds!

So Fresh and So Lean 

Nothing says fresh and healthy like sushi! This #AumniFoodFlexes comes from Chef Jess: sushi served “Omakase” style. Omakase is a Japanese phrase, used when ordering sushi in restaurants, that means "I'll leave it up to you". 

(Almost) Too Pretty to Eat

Next stop, Sahil's house! This #AumniFoodFlexes dinner looks straight out of a magazine: Ribeye with garlic butter mushrooms, beet arugula salad, and amaretto sours! 

The inspiration behind this incredible spread in Sahil's words: “I wanted to take advantage of a Christmas gift that another Aumni coworker had given me—their own homemade steak rub—and you can never go wrong with a ribeye!”

Worth the Wait

We all know brisket takes time. And good brisket takes even longer.

Tyler set out with the goal of making a melt-in-your-mouth Super Bowl Brisket, and with a 19+ hour process, we are sure it was amazing! The secret: 14 hours unwrapped, 4 hours wrapped in butcher paper, and 1.5 hours resting time.  He says: “I purchased the smoker with Aumni's Air Mask Fund monies, so it's a gift that keeps on giving!”

The Scientific Super Stack:

We're also giving a shoutout to one especially scrumptious takeout order! This #AumniFoodFlexes: takeout edition from Sessions West Coast Deli in Irvine, California, is layer upon layer of savory goodness. Fried chicken, fire spice, atomic apple slaw, pomegranate seeds, and garlic pickle on a milk bun —wow! 

Where can you get this super stack? According to Frank, who ate it: “This chicken sandwich was bestowed upon us from on high. [Cue angelic harmony]. Our Corporate Development team was having a high-energy strategy session to kick off the year. We were working hard, outside (adhering to Covid guidelines) and we posted up right next door to Sessions. We ordered lunch and while the three of us all ordered other items, that chicken sandwich was calling to us and we all wanted to try it. So, we added it to the order and split it three ways. High caloric intake for a high energy strategy session. We shared the pic with the rest of the company as fried chicken sandwiches are kind of Aumni's jam, and the company has been searching out the best fried chicken sandwich in the land. So, you see, the order, and consumption, was for scientific purposes.”

We love seeing our team share their creative sides and come together over the table—even if it is virtual! Check out more #AumniFoodFlexes on Fridays on Aumni's LinkedIn and Twitter channels, and be sure to follow us so you never miss a post!

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