Inside Aumni: A Look at Our Goals and What Inspires Us as We Head Into 2021

Jan 13


Jason Trueblood

This past year was one for the record books—in more ways than one! Our day-to-day was turned upside down, lives were changed, and perspectives shifted, but through it all the Aumni team joined forces and came out stronger to take on a new year. As we enter 2021, we have a newfound appreciation for life, health and happiness. We’ve asked our team to share their inspiration and goals for the year to come. Here’s what they had to say...

Health & Fitness

Always topping the list of New Year’s Resolutions is health and fitness—and our team is no different! Whether it's getting outside more, competing in races or topping a personal record, the Aumni crew is ready to take on 2021 in full force. Avid Aumni athletes include Jessica Z. who loves to unplug by climbing in the great outdoors:

What other impressive feats do our teammates want to accomplish in 2021? Tyler M. wants to run two ultra-marathons, Brendan K. plans to restart his Jiu-Jitsu training, and Sahil P. wants to take advantage of Salt Lake City's outdoor sports and get over 30 days of skiing in for the first time in his life! Trevor N. is another Aumni skiing enthusiast. Below is a beautiful shot he took of the Mt. Raymond ridge-line, while ski touring in the Wasatch. He tells us that the hours he spends ascending are equally as enjoyable as the five minute ride down:

Travel & Leisure

We all know 2020 put a damper on travel plans, so it's no surprise that travel is a top theme among our team's aspirations for the coming year. Sahil P. mentioned to us that he looks forward to exploring new locations with friends and family. "Whether it's an international trip to immerse in a new culture or traveling the U.S. visiting friends in different cities, I love to travel and see how life is in other places!" Here's a photo from Sahil enjoying the gorgeous view in Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand:

Looking ahead, Mark L. wants to complete a road bike century ride.

Life Milestones

Time doesn’t stop, even when it feels like Groundhogs Day (lookin’ at you 2020), so life must go on! From family additions to home additions and everything in between, our team has a lot to look forward to. Nate W. tells us he's excited for the birth of his son and Brittanie P. plans to buy her first home!  

Charity & Good Will

This past year has highlighted the struggles we, our neighbors, friends and family face. The state of the world has put humanity on display and motivated many to contribute in ways they never thought possible. We hope that continues into 2021 – and our own Andre J. shares his resolution to "donate at least 100 hours of my time to charity.”

We’re so proud of the Aumni team for all they’ve accomplished in 2020, and for setting their sights high for 2021. Cheers to a New Year!