How Aumni Does Summer: 2021 Edition

Sep 2


Nicole Davis

With summer winding down, we wanted to take a moment and share a behind-the-scenes look at the many ways our very own Aumni employees took full advantage of the season. As a company, Aumni strongly supports a healthy work/life balance. We extol the benefits of doing what you love, before, during, and after work hours. Each of the photos shared below was collected from an internal communication channel devoted to the sharing of photos from weekend and evening activities. 

We celebrate every outing and every memory the Aumni team has the opportunity to pursue. We are passionate and adventurous people who love to learn, play and create. From family pool parties to epic hikes, half-marathons to baseball championships, our team has been doing it all this summer—and we’re here for it.  

Here are some of our favorite highlights:

After a two-years of lockdown, Brendan (Kussman, VP of People) headed to the East Coast to visit his family in Salem, Massachusetts. He couldn’t have been more excited about the reunion!

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What a beautiful day for rafting at Bear Lake! Tony (Lewis, our CEO) enjoyed a fun-filled time on the water with his family and friends.

Here’s one for the record books: Tyler (McKay, Business Development) ran his first half marathon in Fruit Heights, Utah. Even more impressive is that he ran the 13.1 miles as a training run for a 50-mile run this October. 

Sahil (Pandya, Head of Product) took his parents to Delicate Arch and Dead Horse Point in Moab, Utah. The trip did not disappoint, and neither do these stunning pictures. In Utah, we love the golden hour light on Delicate Arch. 

Pawan (Murthy, Head of Marketing) cheered on his son’s baseball team in North Carolina. The team took second place after a two-hour championship game in 93-degree weather with 82% humidity. Those championship rings made it all worthwhile.

Isaac (Painter, Head of Security), braved the Las Vegas, Nevada heat in July. Despite scorching temperatures and heat radiating in waves over the asphalt, we can happily report that Isaac and his car are still in optimal condition. Let’s hope the heat that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. 

What a catch! Zeina (Zeitouni, Product Manager) learned to fish for Largemouth Bass with her brother in Connecticut. Hey, what can we Aumni, we’re all about that bass. 

Talk about starstruck! Adam (Crawford, Business Development) was working out with a friend when famous weightlifter brothers, Mark Bell (left) and Chris Bell (right), joined their session.

Michelle (Wiles, Customer Success) celebrated her daughter’s first birthday in style. At Aumni, we love a good theme party and rosy baby cheeks. What a sweet memory, wild one!

Eager to join the fun and excitement, everyone at the Salt Lake City Aumni headquarters moved offices this summer! Our new Cottonwood Heights office is double the size of our previous Salt Lake City HQ—clocking in at 20,000 square feet. 

After long days of moving boxes and equipment, Marlee (Haslam, Office Manager) and Brendan took to the streets to celebrate the completion of our office move.

And to make the move official, Jason (Trueblood, Corporate Development) affixed the Aumni closing bell to the wall of the new office. 

If you’re interested in sharing photos of your weekend exploits with folks that are more interested in your lifelines than your deadlines, you should consider joining our team. We work smart, we play well with others, and we can’t wait to hear from you. Click here to view open positions.