Aumni’s Halloween Scream Team

Oct 28


Nicole Davis

Aumni's head of engineering, Jake Sorce, who we recently featured in our Aumni Spotlight series, hosted a Halloween costume bash, complete with spooky decor and a frightening photo ‘booth’. All Aumni employees were welcome, and many attended in costume, of course! When it comes to fun, we go all in, and the costumes did not disappoint. 

Filip Kolovrat from our finance department started the party off right with his White Claw costume, and this prisoner, Tony Sauvageau from engineering, knows there are no laws with White Claws! 

This spooky space alien, Marlee Haslam, our office manager, wants in on the fun, too!

A cuddly giraffe, Harry Plumer from engineering, and his sweet bumblebee and bear family came to the party to be terrifyingly adorable. Consider us haunted by cuteness!

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A spooky space alien, a prisoner, a White Claw, a giraffe, Mario, a NASA employee, an astronaut, and La Calavera Catrina walk into a costume party…

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Left to Right: Marlee Haslam, Tony Sauvageau, Filip Kolovrat, Harry Plumer, Trevor Nelson, Jesse Doud, Elizabeth Holthe, and host Jake Sorce.

These motley party-goers had a haunting feeling that they were missing a pirate until Brenden Nelson from marketing showed up. Now the night was complete!

What a ghastly good time our team had! Thank you Jake for hosting and to our team for taking advantage of this opportunity to be creative and enjoy yourselves. From everyone hard at work making Aumni the place to be, we wish you all a safe, festive, and fun Halloween!