Track portfolio
company KPI performance

Track portfolio company KPIs

KPI collection and extraction.
It's all here.

Capturing and extracting performance metrics and KPIs from portfolio companies can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for investors, even with information rights.

Use Aumni to automate this process for you and your portfolio companies, and get the time back to do what you do best.

See your portfolio performance in context.

360° view in a single platform

Take action with performance data in the context of your transaction, legal, and securities data extracted from governing documents.

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Tailored for your needs

Configure the collection process with self-selected metrics, cadence, and sequencing to optimize response rate and portfolio company experience.

Automated data structuring. Easily reference data structured and extracted from financial statements and board decks by Aumni and organized for in-application reference or CSV export and reporting.

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