Reduce audit workload by over 50%.

Fund audits can be exhausting. Cut your prep time in half with Aumni's Audit Assist.

Aumni does the audit prep work you’d rather not.

How many hours do you spend hunting down missing deal docs from your portcos or attorneys only to get more questions from your auditors when you hand them over? It feels like a never-ending cycle.

This year, say “goodbye” to the cycle and “hello” to Aumni’s Audit Assist™. Our turnkey audit prep offering breaks the tedious process down into three simple steps.

Collect your deal docs

Aumni’s team of venture experts works on your behalf with attorneys and portcos to gather the latest closing sets and digitize them all in the Aumni platform.

Organize investment data

We go the extra step and extract hundreds of critical legal and economic data points from these deal docs to organize and analyze your portfolio’s performance. 

User Access for your auditors

You provide your auditors instant access to the platform, so they can download complete closing sets, view portfolio analytics, and get the answers to all their questions.

Expert help to hunt down missing deal docs

Aumni's document archiving team will personally contact portfolio companies and law firms on your behalf for any and all missing documents identified in the onboarding process.

An exhaustive document review

After gathering all your docs, our team of highly experienced venture attorneys will review them for completeness and accuracy. We will work with you to fully address any outstanding issues.

Access to fund data in a few clicks

We'll extract thousands of legal and economic data points and import them into our software platform. Simply give your auditors (and your entire team) access to the data, and feel your audit anguish disappear for another year.

Aumni's platform helped us reduce the hours spent hunting down docs and compiling the data. Now we simply give our auditors access to Aumni's platform.

Denise Ferre

Denise Ferre

CFO, Partner

Moneta Ventures

With Aumni, we were able to streamline our audit process. We simply provided our audit firm with access to Aumni to easily view critical portfolio data they needed.

Lori Hoover-Simotas

Lori Hoover-Simotas

Chief Financial Officer


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