Build smarter term sheets powered by market insights.

View term-by-term market data in real-time with the Benchmarking Term Sheet.

"Are these terms market?"

As an investor or attorney who has reviewed countless term sheets, you've probably asked yourself this question. But have you received a satisfactory answer?

Now you can. Aumni's Benchmarking Term Sheet allows you to instantly view market data on a term-by-term basis while preparing a draft term sheet using the online guide.

The largest private investment database

The market data in the Benchmarking Term Sheet is powered by the world's largest analysis of over 100,000 venture transactions, representing over 40,000 investors.

Based on the NVCA Model Term Sheet

The Benchmarking Term Sheet allows users to generate a market-driven term sheet based on the model document developed by the National Venture Capital Association. 

Built-in pro-forma calculator

The built-in pro forma calculator allows you to pre-calculate your post-money valuation and understand the effects that an option pool or convertible note might have on company capitalization.

Step-by-step market insights

As you build the term sheet, you'll see your inputs appear in the distribution chart to the right, showing you how close you are to market medians.

Customizable deal insights

To ensure the market insights you are viewing fit your deal the best, the Benchmark Term Sheet allows users to filter market data by stage and time frame.

Instant download for further review

After you have completed the online guide, you will be able to download a Microsoft Word document of the entire term sheet with all your inputs.

When we launched the Enhanced Model Term Sheet with Aumni, our goal was to provide the venture community with much needed deal insights. The Benchmarking Term Sheet offers that and so much more, giving investors and law firms a tool to build data-driven deals with the latest market information.

Jeff Farrah

Jeff Farrah

General Counsel

National Venture Capital Association

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