How Aumni helps legal teams

Access and analyze legal terms from every agreement in no time.

Has your legal team faced these challenges?

Deal-related questions demand lengthy manual reviews of legal contracts.

The existing process for auditing legal agreements is becoming more costly and more time-consuming as portfolios grow.

Manually comparing historical deal terms with current investment terms is labor intensive and likely to result in errors.

Instantly access critical legal terms for every agreement across your entire portfolio.

With Aumni, you have peace-of-mind knowing that every legal agreement for all your investments has been thoroughly verified and audited by a team of experienced venture specialists. Using an intuitive dashboard, you can quickly access legal terms without having to open a single PDF. Of course, if you ever need to download a contract, we store everything in a highly secure archive.

Instantly See Key Legal Data Across Your Portfolio

View critical legal terms in a single glance—preemptive rights, information rights, and more—across all your investments. Use the Filter feature to customize your reports to fit your needs.

Financing Summary — Legal Term View

For detailed legal terms on a specific financing round, the Legal Terms tab displays over 40 legal data points, all of which are verified, audited, and accurate.

Legal Document Archive

Aumni securely stores your legal agreement files, and categorizes them by portfolio company and financing round, meaning the answers you need are never more than a few clicks away.

The market insights developed by Aumni can significantly influence the deal making landscape for investors, entrepreneurs and practitioners.

Jason Doren

Jason Doren

General Counsel Advisory Board Member

National Venture Capital Association

[Aumni's] vision of democratizing these insights for the investor community is the kind of solution the market is craving.

Mitch Zuklie

Mitch Zuklie

Chairman & CEO


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