How Aumni helps investment teams

Make your office more nimble by increasing the free flow of information.

Has your investment team faced these challenges?

Data silos mean team members aren’t on the same page.

Data in cap tables and existing trackers are inaccurate and limited.

Info on historical transactions and co-investor relationships is buried and onerous to find.

Aumni is your firm’s most accurate source of investment insights.

Accelerate workflows, closings, and reporting by giving your investment team instant access to the most accurate and comprehensive deal data.

Dynamic Portfolio Dashboard

Aumni gives your team access to data across your entire portfolio—available from any web browser—making information silos a thing of the past.

Economic and Legal Data Monitoring

Aumni continually monitors, analyzes, and delivers the economic position and legal rights that power the decisions behind every investment.

Fund-Level Investment Statistics

For strategic, fund-level planning, use Aumni's Investment Statistics view to gain macro-level insights into overall fund performance, and investments by industry, stage, and type.

Aumni keeps our entire team on the same page now that everyone has access to data from our entire portfolio. We can quickly create reports and access an archive of all the deal docs when we need it.

Ben Mahdavi

Ben Mahdavi


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