How Aumni helps finance teams

Empower your team with the most accurate and comprehensive deal data.

Has your finance team faced these challenges?

Thanks to unexpected errors in source documents, creating consistent, detailed reports for LPs is exhausting.

Co-investor information is not readily accessible when considering deal strategy.

Manually tracking financial terms using a spreadsheet causes bottlenecks, which impacts closing.

Aumni gives your team instant access to the most accurate and up-to-the-minute deal data available.

By extracting thousands of data points directly from executed legal agreements, Aumni empowers your finance team by letting them access detailed deal information whenever they need it. Aumni's team of experienced venture attorneys audits every document to ensure data accuracy and completeness. Confidently answer complex questions from LPs or partners using internal resources—in a few clicks instead of a few weeks.

Transaction Ledger

Quickly determine fully diluted ownership percentages and voting rights for every portfolio company across all your funds.

One-Click Summary Report for LPs or Partners

In one click, generate a four-page summary of critical economic and legal information to help you prepare for LP or partner meetings.

Instant Access to Co-Investor Data

Aumni's Co-Investor Report gives you instant access to co-investor information so you can drive strategy for future investments and manage existing deals with more insights.

For those of you VC CFOs who need an accurate and reliable system to keep track of all your investments, and are tired of sifting through dozens of Excel files, you should definitely check out Aumni.

Ingrid Chiavacci

Ingrid Chiavacci


Hummer Winblad Venture Partners

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