How Aumni helps analytics teams

Elevate your firm’s data strategy with instant access to the most accurate insights.

Has your analytics team faced these challenges?

Critical deal data is stored across multiple disconnected systems.

Developing an insights and analytics process is too time and resource intensive.

Manually updated trackers and spreadsheets are difficult to analyze and prone to errors.

Gain effortless access to high-integrity data with Aumni's unique platform.

The two biggest challenges to developing a robust data strategy are ensuring data quality and accessibility. Aumni overcomes both to deliver the most accurate portfolio insights available.

Interactive Investment Timeline View

View every transaction for any portfolio company in your fund. Select individual metrics to track through time and uncover major milestones.

Suggested Reports

Rapidly generate easy-to-read reports with our Suggested Reports feature—developed through input from hundreds of investors. Or create your own report from scratch that you can save for easy retrieval or share with other stakeholders.

Liquidation Preference “Layer Cake”

The Liquidation Preference “Layer Cake” visualization gives you a holistic understanding of the dynamics of a portfolio company’s liquidation preference stack. It proportionally represents liquidation preferences across each level of seniority, both horizontally (when pari passu) and vertically (when stacked). Hovering over any equity class will illuminate its composition within the entire preference stack. At a glance, you’ll grasp which equity classes you hold, where you sit in the stack, and how participation and conversion ratios may affect your returns during a liquidation event.

Finding an analytics platform that uses the best of human venture expertise and A.I. to accurately analyze unstructured data in financing agreements is truly rare. Aumni does this at scale, and their UI is intuitive.

Logan Grizzel

Logan Grizzel


Blackhorn Ventures

Aumni saves us time and headaches by allowing us to accurately answer questions that routinely come from portfolio reviews. Aumni has been worth every penny and we're excited to work with the team there.

Tyler Booth

Tyler Booth

Investment Lead

Relish Works

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