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Aumni Scenarios

Model future scenarios and exits directly from the Aumni platform with robust tools that make it quick and easy to forecast with confidence.

Scenarios let you combine your existing Aumni deal data with custom inputs to calculate the potential impact of new preferred equity financing rounds or exit events on company capitalization, distributions, and more.

An intuitive round modeling calculator and Excel-based exit waterfall template populate your Aumni deal data into the relevant fields and then automate any computations. Once your data is exported to Excel, you have exclusive access to any underlying formulas for further analysis and modeling. Now you can establish or uplevel your modeling practice directly from Aumni’s platform in a matter of minutes, saving countless hours on forecasting while reducing risk.

Build a pro forma cap table in seconds

Model new preferred equity financing rounds based on existing company capitalization data to understand dilution instantly, and then export your pro forma cap table to Excel.

Automate exit waterfall analysis

Understand prospective distributions from an exit event for each share class with a robust, pre-built Excel template that includes functioning formulas.

Access exclusive tools and insights

View pro rata thresholds so you know the investment amount needed to maintain pro rata rights when modeling new rounds. Or, edit or export a model to Excel, and then access underlying formulas for every calculated value.

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