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NEW Enhanced Model Investors' Rights Agreement

Create Investors' Rights Agreements based on unprecedented market insights

Aumni, in partnership with the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), proudly offers the new Enhanced Investors' Rights Agreement.

The Enhanced Investors’ Rights Agreement features market insights across 13 deal terms, comparing calendar year 2021 with aggregate data from the previous five years, 2016-2020. Aumni’s platform analyzed the executed legal agreements of over 200,000 venture transactions from more than 90,000 investors.

Identify trends with 2021 data

This release improves the process of creating a new agreement by providing related term data that compares aggregate 2021 market data against aggregate data from the previous five years. Each section contains information related to the percentage of use of specific legal and economic terms, segmented by stage where applicable.

Example analysis:

Discover Insights from Market Benchmarks

The Enhanced Investors' Rights Agreement analyzes 13 relevant deal terms, providing unprecedented benchmark information.

  • Major Investor Data
  • Median Major Investor Threshold $
  • Median Major Investor Threshold as a Percent of New Money  
  • Median Major Investor Threshold as a Percent of Fully-DilutedOwnership   
  • Pay-to-Play Provision
  • Percentage of Pay-to-Play Provision
  • Registration Rights
  • Percentage of Registration Rights for Preferred Investors  
  • Information Rights
  • Annual Audited Financials Required in Information Rights  
  • Annual Cap Table Required in Information Rights   
  • Rights to Future Stock Issuances
  • Percentage of Pro Rata Rights for Major Investors  
  • Percentage of Pro Rata Rights for All Investors in the Round  
  • Employee Stock
  • Percentage of Employee Vesting  
  • Qualified Small Business Stock
  • Percentage of QSBS  
  • Percentage of QSBS Covenant  
  • Preferred Director Approval
  • Percentage of Preferred Director Approval

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