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Introducing the Aumni Venture Beacon - Our 2022 Annual Report

We're thrilled to introduce the first edition of the Aumni Venture Beacon, an annual retrospective on the venture capital industry.

UPDATE: On 9.13.23, Aumni released the First Half 2023 Aumni Venture Beacon. To access the latest information, please click here.

Aumni's proprietary data platform holds data we extract directly from the executed transaction agreements between venture investors and private companies. This information contains the legal and financial terms buried in deal documents. Aumni is in a unique position to anonymize, aggregate, and query that information to provide benchmarking and trend analysis.

"It is a privilege we do not take lightly, and we're delighted to support the ecosystem with a rare, aggregated view of the inner workings of venture capital," says Sebastian Quintero, Aumni's Data Science Director. "In the wake of a uniquely challenging year, we are proud to offer new perspectives on broad private market contractions and measure the early impact on Q1 2023."

Download the Aumni Venture Beacon (.pdf) to learn more.

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