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Streamlining Valuation Case Study

Streamlining the Valuation of Fund Assets: How Aumni Accelerates Valuation Work for OCA Ventures

CHALLENGE: A 20-year-old early-stage venture capital firm, OCA Ventures, was searching for a company that could liberate them from manual processes and help them implement a "best in class" technology infrastructure. Their back office team managed a large number of deal documents and data and relied on busy investment teams to secure executed contracts and report updated portfolio company performance. Associates were reading contracts and inputting data into Excel, a process that was inefficient and difficult to manage.

SOLUTION: As part of OCA’s "best in class" initiative, Aumni portfolio management software was implemented and has, in a matter of months, demonstrated its value by validating the accuracy and completion of the closing document sets. Aumni put an end to data entry work, immediately saving time and money. Using Aumni’s intuitive data interface, the firm’s finance and investment teams quickly and easily access validated term sheet data, allowing them to streamline their valuation processes, confidently reach final decisions, and save work hours quarterly.

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