Aumni Announces New Benchmarking Term Sheet

Aumni Announces New Benchmarking Term Sheet

Sep 21

Press Release

Nicole Davis

Aumni’s latest innovation provides customers with instant term-by-term market insights, represents the largest analysis of venture deal data

SALT LAKE CITY – September 21, 2021 - Aumni, an investment analytics company, today announced the launch of its Benchmarking Term Sheet, the latest single feature update for the Aumni Investment Analytics platform. Evolving from the Enhanced Term Sheet v2.0 Aumni launched in partnership with The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), the Benchmarking Term Sheet allows investors and venture attorneys to instantly view market data on a term-by-term basis while drafting a term sheet using the online guide. The Benchmarking Term Sheet is powered by a database that includes more than 100,000 venture transactions, representing over 40,000 investors with a combined network of over $1 trillion in assets under management.

Investors, attorneys and founders often wonder if the terms in a term sheet are considered market for the company’s stage. Aumni’s Benchmarking Term Sheet was built with the investment community in mind and is an effective way to allow users to see the market averages for critical financial and legal terms outlined in this document. With these insights, the application enables users to filter by time frame and stage to ensure the market data being reviewed is as comparable to their deal as possible.

“The venture community is constantly searching for ways to leverage data to make better investment decisions,” said Kelsey Chase, co-founder, and president of Aumni. “To meet this growing need, Aumni has analyzed an unprecedented breadth and depth of private capital investment data. We have built an interactive application that gives our customers the chance to scale, organize and analyze term data with ease. We look forward to continuously developing new solutions to enhance the private capital market.”

The Benchmarking Term Sheet also contains a built-in Pro Forma calculator. The Pro Forma calculator allows customers to calculate post-money valuation and understand the effect that option pool and convertible notes have on the capitalization of the company. Eliminating manual calculations in Excel and transferring them to the term sheet, the built-in pro forma calculator improves accuracy and efficiency. 

“When we launched the Enhanced Model Term Sheet with Aumni, our goal was to provide the venture community with much needed deal insights,” said Jeff Farrah, general counsel at the National Venture Capital Association. “The Benchmarking Term Sheet offers that and so much more, giving investors and law firms a tool to build data-driven deals with the latest market information.” 

“We understand the challenges the private market faces when trying to establish a data-driven strategy,” said Chase. “To help investors overcome these challenges, the Benchmarking Term Sheet provides better agility and visibility for investors by fusing human intelligence and artificial intelligence into one modern solution that drives ROI.”

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