Tony Lewis, Aumni co-founder and CEO

Tony Lewis

Co-founder & CEO

Kelsey Chase, Aumni Co-founder and President

Kelsey Chase

Co-founder & President

Scott Sherill, Chief Operating Officer at Aumni

Scott Sherill

Chief Operating Officer

Rob Wise, Chief Technology Officer at Aumni

Rob Wise

Chief Technology Officer

Brendan Kussman, VP Operations at Aumni

Brendan Kussman

VP Operations

Cody Nevels, VP Customer Operations at Aumni

Cody Nevels

VP Customer Operations

Julie Shaver, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at Aumni

Julie Shaver

Head of Strategy & Partnerships

Katrin Robb, VP Customer Success and Strategy at Aumni

Katrin Robb

VP Customer Success and Strategy

Maggie Po

Maggie Po

VP Data Operations

Pawan Murthy, Head of Marketing at Aumni

Pawan Murthy

Head of Marketing

Sahil Pandya, Head of Product at Aumni

Sahil Pandya

Head of Product