We Believe in Aumni

Aumni is the first unified data infrastructure and analytics platform for the venture industry. We’re reinventing legacy portfolio management and investment operations as a streamlined digital experience for fund managers, institutional investors, and service providers, empowering our customers with the data they need to make faster, smarter decisions in a rapidly expanding industry.

At Aumni, we believe that the single most powerful and reliable source of truth in private capital market data resides in the legal contracts and provisions that underlie each transaction. Our company holds those contracts duly accountable for revealing truths about financial positions and outcomes for each participating stakeholder.

We work with the utmost integrity to document the reality of each executed agreement to build a reliable and knowledgeable data infrastructure upon which the equity in private capital markets can thrive by being correctly understood and responsibly traded.

We believe that we can do no more important work than shouldering the responsibility to accurately organize, analyze, and liberate information critical to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and, thus, society at large. We believe the world deserves better, and we’re determined to unlock future opportunities for clarity and cohesion.We believe this is what companies deserve.

We believe this is what investors deserve. We believe this is what the entrepreneurial ecosystem deserves.