Aumni Values

As a values-driven organization, Aumni believes in a healthy life balance and actively promotes the benefits of doing what you love, before, during, and after work hours.

Put on your Air Mask

Aumni encourages you to pursue what you enjoy outside of work, recharge your batteries, listen to your mind and body, and protect your health.

To hit Aumni’s business objectives, we focus on individual and organizational health to maintain a fresh perspective and optimal pace.

We help you find a “Work-Life Harmony,” get into a rhythm, and look after yourself.

Our Air Mask value is our primary priority. We believe our shared success depends on our ability to work from a solid foundation of taking care of ourselves.

BIG Team, little me

Aumni team members collaborate openly to support the company's shared vision and achieve meaningful business objectives. We roll up our sleeves for each other. We lift each other. We celebrate together.

Show up for your team consistently to drive trust, innovation, and growth.

Act with Integrity

Everyone at Aumni is truthful and acts in the company's best interest at all times. We treat one another with integrity to ensure a respectful, safe work environment. We are honest with our teammates, our customers, and ourselves.

Act as a good human being. No harassment, no discrimination. Your intentions matter.

No Mediocrity

Aumni expects excellence out of every member of this team. We will not accept mediocre work products or behavior from ourselves or our team members.

Create quality work that exceeds the expectations set for that product.

Be a Force Multiplier

Aumni team members seek and share knowledge, expand their skill set and the abilities of their teammates, and make an impact on the lives of those around them.

Additionally, this value is embodied in Aumni's goal to diversify the venture industry through our hiring practices and educational missions.

Seek inclusion, seek self-improvement, and seek to improve others. Be a mentor.