Aumni Teams

Aumni is a singular, mission-driven organization. Each team is uniquely essential to our shared success. Please click on any of the following links to jump to a specific team description.

Business Development

Aumni’s Business Development team directly powers our growth. Executives in business development, both our high-velocity Sales Organization and our Corporate Development and Partnerships team, work with the world's most exclusive and competitive private market investors. We aren’t your typical sales team, either, and pride ourselves on rolling out a white glove introductory experience that builds stronger relationships within the venture ecosystem.

Led by our VP of Sales, Ben Tobin, business development team members implement creative, intelligent, and strategic methods of outreach and communication that expand our network and embed Aumni with name-brand recognition.  Account Executives and Sales Development Representative teams find smarter ways to deploy product demonstrations, negotiate high-value customer contracts, and ensure a perfect customer-product fit.

To exceed our targets and dominate our vertical, business development team members must embody a unique set of winning mentalities:

  • A real hunger to win with every outreach, conversation, and negotiation.
  • A passion for matching customers with the products they need to improve what they do.    
  • A business-operations mindset with a keen understanding of how sales performance can affect the company’s trajectory.
  • A creative approach to conversations and the instinct to collaborate with team members across other departments to find better ways to execute our sales strategy.

Customer Operations

At the core of Aumni’s technology sits a database of private capital market transactions that span billions of dollars in invested capital, rich with financial and legal data that can inform predictive analytics, market benchmarking, fund formation, and capital deployment strategies.

Aumni’s Customer Operations Team is an elite squad of venture capital contract experts who are responsible for capturing, auditing, and validating customer document libraries so that we can analyze information across our database with an unprecedented fidelity to closing set terms.

Customer Operations team members partner directly with our Customer Success team, focusing on getting customer documents through our review and analysis workflows. They complete project management tasks with unparalleled attention to detail and accuracy.

Customer Success

Aumni’s Customer Success team is responsible for the overall well-being of our clients by ensuring a smooth onboarding, adoption, and contract renewal process. Our employees embody a culture and mindset of friendship, communication, and execution. We emphasize close collaboration with our customers, always working to make their lives easier.

Data Science

There are few things at Aumni more exciting than the potential discovery, analysis, and application of the private capital market data we’re currently tracking.

Aumni’s Data Science Team delves deep into the numbers to discover burgeoning trends and unexpected data stories.

From its post in Technology Division, the team ideates the future of Aumni’s products, unleashing insights that can fundamentally transform the way investors monitor their portfolios and positions. They configure our data architecture and spearhead innovative AI and predictive analytics projects.

Information Security

Aumni’s information security team ensures the business, data, and systems are secure without compromising stable, streamlined work processes.

We foster a spirit of collaboration with other departments through close relationships with individuals and teams. Our team members exemplify our commitment to friendship, communication, and execution.


Aumni’s Product Development teams play a core role in pushing innovation and growth for the company. Our PMs, designers, strategists, marketers, and engineers embody a culture and mindset of friendship, communication, and execution. We emphasize close collaboration with our customers and are always working to make their lives easier.

Specifically, our Product team is coming up with unique solutions to present financial and legal insights that improve our customer’s decision-making process.

With a focus on customer feedback, empathy, and user-centric development, we’re looking for talented and versatile teammates who want to dive in early, contribute to the strategy of our product, and drive the overall growth of our products.

Software Engineering

Aumni’s Engineering Team is the heart of our Technology Division. We pride ourselves on developing one of the most intelligent applications on the market.  Led by our CTO and Co-Founder, Rob Wise, Aumni Engineers collaborate across Product Design, Security, and Customer-facing teams to build, implement, test, and regularly improve our core product and features.  Our interview process and code challenges demand the highest excellence in software engineering, and our team is best-in-class.  

Aumni’s software engineering team plays a core role in pushing innovation and growth for the company. Our employees embody a culture and mindset of friendship, communication, and execution. We emphasize close collaboration with our customers and are dedicated to make their lives easier.

Across the company, we value go-getters. The most vital members of our team are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get hands-on to work cross-functionally for the right outcome. We are looking for leaders who want to succeed together.

After work, we are an eclectic group of people with a love for family, food, travel, and most importantly, the outdoors. You’ll often find us enjoying dinner with family, organizing a movie night together, playing video games, or hitting the slopes for a quick hike or ski run before work. We love new experiences and welcome team members that have unique hobbies to share.

  • A knack for solving challenging and diverse problems
  • Passion for excellence in current and previous roles
  • Proficient written and verbal communication
  • Enjoys taking initiative, is a self-starter, and is excited to tackle complex challenges