Aumni's Kelsey Chase Talks Private Market Liquidity, VC Industry Trends, and Founding a Technology Company in Utah at StartFEST 2021

Jul 22


Nicole Davis

Aumni Co-founder and President, Kelsey Chase, sits down with Garret Clark, Managing Director of Silicon Slopes, at StartFEST 2021, to discuss fundraising tips and VC industry trends, including his take on the benefits of secondary transactions for founders and investors. Kelsey explores the outcomes that available liquidity is bringing to the private capital market and delves into the reasons that investors are turning to Aumni to better analyze each contracted ownership position throughout a company’s development. 

As former corporate and venture attorneys, Chase and Aumni's CEO and co-founder Tony Lewis, have experienced firsthand the frustration of wasted time, money, and effort spent manually analyzing and organizing deal data. Determined to create an analytics platform to address this inefficiency, the duo developed the software that has transformed the methodology for collecting and delivering insights from deal data to the venture ecosystem. Chase says, "Aumni’s mission is inspired by the hours we spent piecing together deals as lawyers. By capturing and organizing legal and financial data from executed legal agreements, we have given our customers a previously inaccessible, holistic, and accurate understanding of their investments." 

To learn more about Chase’s take on liquidity in the private capital markets, check out the full interview here: