Aumni and NVCA Join Forces to Add Market Analysis to the NVCA Model Legal Documents.

Jul 27


Big news today! Aumni has partnered with the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) to provide comprehensive market insights into deal terms found in executed venture financing agreements. Leveraging Aumni's technology to analyze over 35,000 transactions, representing more than 17,000 unique investors and spanning a decade of data, Aumni and NVCA added term-specific analysis to NVCA's most popular model legal document: the term sheet. The new free “Enhanced Model Term Sheet” contains over 150 hyperlinked data points, detailing the usage and frequency of specific terms found in the model agreement.

The anonymized market data in the new Enhanced Model Legal Documents will allow investors to benchmark future deals with not just their own historical data, but, effective immediately, with data from what thousands of other investors have done by stage - including seed through growth equity rounds. The launch of the Enhanced Model Term Sheet represents one of the ways NVCA and Aumni are helping the venture community gain valuable and timely insights.

A free download of the Enhanced Model Term Sheet is now available.

Here's what the NVCA team had to say about working with Aumni:

We are very excited about this new partnership with Aumni to enhance NVCA’s Model Legal Documents, which are incredibly valuable to VCs and entrepreneurs. The new insights and analysis Aumni will bring to the Model Legal Documents will help venture capitalists and high-growth companies make better decisions and increase the knowledge available to smaller VC firms and entrepreneurs. The Enhanced Term Sheet will greatly impact deal-making in the VC industry. - Bobby Franklin, President and CEO of NVCA
Many venture firms rely heavily on data to make the best decisions for their firms and various stakeholders. The market insights developed by NVCA and Aumni can significantly influence the deal making landscape for investors, entrepreneurs and practitioners. - Jason Doren, member of NVCA’s General Counsel Advisory Board

Read the full press release on the NVCA website.