3 Top Venture Blogs to Follow

May 5


Jason Trueblood

The internet holds an overwhelming amount of content covering a wide range of topics across thousands of blog sites.  We wanted to filter the list of potential content sources to only the best.  In this article, I’ve broken down the top 3 venture blogs I believe have the most well rounded content on all things venture capital, investing and entrepreneurship.

AVC Blog by: Fred Wilson

Considering the few dozen blogs I’ve reviewed during the creation of this article, the AVC blog by far has the most amount of high quality content.  Fred Wilson, the blog's author, pushes out a new piece of content every weekday (and sometimes on weekends) and has done so every weekday since 2003.  The blogs home page displays the most recent post and subsequent posts sorted by published date as your scroll down the page.  Additionally, the “Archives” page on the blog is home to hundreds of posts.  These archives are sorted by category such as AR/VR, Economics, Film, Funny, web/tech and many more.  If you’re interested in keeping up with or learning more about the startup ecosystem or venture investing I would highly recommend you follow this blog.

Feld Thoughts by: Brad Feld

Feld Thoughts is a blog focusing on entrepreneurship and venture capital.  The blog is operated by Brad Feld, a founding partner of the Foundry Group.  Much like the AVC blog, Feld Thoughts holds a large number of blog posts covering many different topics.  The most frequently written subjects are: Entrepreneurship, Things I like, Technology, Investments and Venture Capital.  In addition to writing hundreds of blog posts Brad has also authored a number of books featured on the site.

If content on entrepreneurship, investments and venture capital is something you're looking for, Feld Thoughts is a great resource with an endless amount of content for your viewing pleasure.

The Barefoot VC by: Jalak Jobanputra

Jalak is the Founder/Managing Partner of Future/Perfect Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund focusing on blockchain technology, machine learning and IoT technology.  The Barefoot blog is packed with fantastic content focusing more recently on cryptocurrency developments and blockchain technology with older posts covering topics on diversity, politics, business and economics.  The Barefoot VC blog is an inside look at the thoughts and views of a successful early stage investor with valuable content in many different areas.