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How smart money becomes Genius Money

Aumni’s turnkey solution puts critical investment analytics in the palm of your hand.

How Aumni works with you

Step 1

You give us your documents

Our dedicated account team will work with you to collect all the closing set documents using your preferred file transfer method.

Step 2

We conduct a review

Our team of experienced venture experts triple-check every document to identify any discrepancies or missing elements.

Step 3

Our software analyzes the data

Aumni's proprietary analytics platform derives and analyzes thousands of data points found in  your closing documents.

Step 4

You access insights instantly

Your organization can immediately access valuable investment insights through Aumni’s web app or export data to other workflows.

How Aumni grows with you

As you bring on more investments, Aumni updates your account by providing continual turnkey document review and analysis. It’s just one more way that we help you succeed.

How does Aumni make your team better?

Make faster decisions with instant insights

When all your investment documents are entered into the Aumni platform, something magical happens. Any question related to legal or economic terms regarding your portfolio can be answered in one click.

Access the most accurate investment data

Lurking in every investment firm are fully executed closing sets that have major financial errors, or worse, documents missing entirely. With Aumni, all data is triple-checked for accuracy and completeness, every flaw caught and corrected, so you know you can trust your information.


Number of financial & legal data points trapped in dense deal documents


Percentage of executed deal documents analyzed by Aumni that have issues.

Benchmark and optimize deal terms

Aumni provides instant access to thousands of legal terms for every investment across your portfolio. Save hours every week by allowing your team—no matter how big or small it may be—to find answers to complex deal questions on their own.

Elevate your firm’s data analytics

For firms implementing a cohesive data strategy, Aumni’s platform can act as a powerful tool to seamlessly integrate investment data across the organization.With Aumni’s insights, your entire team will always be on the same page.

No matter your team’s focus or size, Aumni augments your ability to succeed.

Before Aumni we had no way to surface all of the details of our investments. Every question we had required manually digging through multiple documents. With Aumni, our data is sourced and surfaced directly from the legal agreements so questions that before might have taken ten or twenty minutes can now be answered in seconds.

Joel Martin

Joel Martin


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The best of both worlds

Aumni combines artificial intelligence and human expertise to deliver reliable, data-driven investment analytics.

Our team of experienced venture attorneys painstakingly audits every document in your portfolio, while our proprietary AI platform analyzes hundreds of data points per closing set, identifying critical insights and ensuring that everything is in perfect order.

The result is instant access to accurate and in-depth information.

That’s how you dominate with data.

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