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Make your office more nimble by increasing the free flow of information.

As a GP, has your office faced these challenges?    

Data silos prevent the free flow of information between front and back office

Data tracked in cap tables and existing trackers are inaccurate and limited

Accessing data on historical transactions or co-investor relationship is tedious

Aumni is your office's most accurate Single Source of Truth.

Accelerate workflows, closings and reporting by empowering your front and back office with instant access to the most accurate and comprehensive deal data from Aumni. Our team of experienced venture attorneys audit your executed agreements and extracts thousands of relevant data points using machine-learning technologies. Aumni's AI-based platform then verifies the accuracy of this data and can alert users to potential substantive issues hidden in their documents. 

Dynamic Portfolio Dashboard

Aumni gives your team access to data across your entire portfolio, available from any web browser, to eliminate information silos across your organization.

Economic and Legal Data Monitoring

Aumni continually monitors and analyzes the economic position and legal rights that power the decision behind every investment.

Fund Level Investment Statistics

For strategic, fund-level planning, use Aumni's Investment Statistics view to gain macro-level insights into overall fund performance, investment industries, by stage and by type. 

We rely on Aumni for accurate portfolio insights. In fact, we use Aumni to verify our internal reports.

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