Determine SBA Loan Eligibility 

Aumni can help with your analysis of SBA loan eligibility. Access critical information to assist with determining if a portfolio company is an affiliate.

•  Ownership %

•  Board control

•  Other control mechanisms


Aumni is tracking data that helps determine whether a portfolio company is eligible for a CARES Act SBA Loan

Aumni’s analysis of your investment legal agreements unlocks the information you’ll need to analyze whether your portfolio companies are eligible for the CARES Act SBA Loan including:

  • Ownership %: See fully diluted ownership metrics across your portfolio to assist with ownership and affiliation tracking.

  • Board Control: Identify your board seats and the total board size for each portfolio company.

  • Other Control Mechanisms: Quickly identify protective provision references within your agreements and review applicable control mechanisms.

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For those of you VC CFOs who are also working through the SBA's affiliation standards as it pertains to the PPP application, you should definitely check out the Aumni tool. They just added a CARES Act 'Affiliation' Data view which allows you to quickly assess relevant legal information and analyze the CARES Act Loan eligibility for your portfolio companies. Aumni is a must have!

Ingrid Chiavacci

Chief Financial Officer

Hummer Winblad Venture Partners

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