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Aumni Is a One-Stop-Shop

For Portfolio Intelligence

Track and analyze all of your portfolio companies through a single dashboard.

No manual entry required!  Aumni extracts data directly from your final deal documents.

Report Types:

  • Equity Securities - Preferred & Common​
  • Secondary Equity Transfers
  • Convertible Note
  • SAFE
  • SAFT
  • KISS
  • Warrants & Executions
Aumni works effectively with audit teams, fund admins and your team to optimize your operations.
Aumni Works Seamlessly With Third Party Vendors









Turn over the Aumni platform keys to your audit team for easy access to deal documents and investment data.
Track, analyze and store deal document data in a single location.
Augment due diligence processes for a seamless workflow increasing productivity across your team.
Aumni works effectively with fund admin's to manage document
libraries, portfolio reporting and improved workflow.

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Data Visualization
Pro Rata Rights Analysis
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