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Top 10 COVID-19 Resources for VCs & Startups

Venture investing and startup operations have been dramatically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The tech community has come together to develop many resources to guide us through these uncharted waters. The team at Aumni has the privilege of working with many experienced investors, industry leaders, law firms and entrepreneurs. We have compiled a Top 10 list of what we believe are valuable COVID-19 resources for the investment and startup community.

1) NVCA's Covid-19 Resource center:

Resource Summary:

The NVCA has been home to fantastic resources even before COVID-19 took over the headlines. In recent weeks they have put together a thoughtful and detailed guide for COVID-19 resources specific to startups and venture investing.

2) Techstars Covid-19 Resource Guide:

Resource Summary:

The Techstars COVID-19 resource guide contains data covering many different topics from accelerator program updates to remote work.  Techstars does a great job to keep this library updated  with upcoming events, downloads and videos.

3) Sapphire Ventures Prospect Assessment Model:

Resource Summary:

This 19 slide presentation produced and published by Sapphire Ventures is a full suite of information covering topics like, preservation of ARR, new revenue opportunities and strengthening relationships.  The presentation is up-to-date as of 4/30/20 and is full of  information so be sure to have a notebook and pen ready.

4) Best Remote Work Resources:

Resource Summary: 

Does full or partial remote work appear to be the “new normal” for the foreseeable future? This resource guide put together by Loom has 13 fantastic resources to increase effectiveness and efficiency of remote work during this pandemic.

5) Operational Tactics for Startups During COVID-19:

Resource Summary:

GGV Capital has compiled a thoughtful and educational resource library for startup operational tactics during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The guide has resources on remote work while parenting, startup response plans and remote work policies.

6) Navigating The COVID-19 Pandemic with David Blumberg of Blumberg Capital:

Resource Summary:

Written by David Blumberg of Blumberg Capital, this article is an informative resource that provides an inside look into how venture capital is addressing the pandemic through investing and advising their portfolio companies.

7) COVID-19 Entrepreneur Resource List:

Resource Summary: 

This detailed list of resources covers topics like the CARES Act, Paycheck Protection, Crisis management for small businesses and much more.  This is a comprehensive  resource that covers many different topics that are valuable to companies during these challenging times.

8) How COVID-19 is Impacting Startup Investing:

Resource Summary:

CB Insights has published this blog post covering Q1 2020 investing trends and how COVID-19 is impacting startups and investing.  This data driven article is a rare view into what could be more extreme changes to the investing landscape over the coming months.  Definitely worth the read.

9) EY COVID-19 Resources for Entrepreneurs and Private Companies:

Resource Summary:

If you’re looking for COVID-19 related resources around financial management and stimulus programs, this resource is for you.  EY has produced information on topics like the Family First Act, CARES Act, and other business administration resources.

10) Latham & Watkins COVID-19 Resources:

Resource Summary:

Latham has organized a deep roster of COVID-19 resources and content covering topics like corporate governance, data privacy, finance and employment.  Coming from a legal background this information is not only timely but highly valuable.

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