• Jason Trueblood

3 Reports Every VC Needs

Alternative investors have information readily available now more than ever. From ownership percentages to co-investor information, thousands of interconnected data points live within every executed closing document.  Over the last few years the question investors have grappled with has shifted from “What information do we need?” to “How can we segment and use the information we already have?” To get the answers, investors have started leaning toward software-generated analyses and reports to capture digestible insights from the trove of available data.

Unlocking useful investment information can inform future investment decisions, however extracting the data living inside investment documents is challenging and time consuming.  That’s where products like Aumni have come into play as they virtually eliminate the manual labor required to extract those data points from investment deal documents and report the findings in an interactive dashboard.  This functionality is crucial to understanding the core metrics and holistic portfolio information associated with previous investments.  

At Aumni we like to take things a step further, which is why we have developed reports and filtering tools to provide investors with a hyper-focused view of their portfolio data.

Here are three such portfolio reports that are helping alternative investors make data-driven decisions:

1) Co-Investor Report - In today’s world, networking and partnerships is a critical component in any successful investing strategy, but knowing your network can be a daunting task.  With any deal you participate in, you may become connected to dozens of other investors whose relationship could be an asset. A co-investor report automatically pulls together a list of every investing entity in your fund across your entire portfolio.  Typically, managing this data is a manually intensive task that compiles information in a Word document or spreadsheet. The Aumni co-investor report gives users a highly detailed look into historical co-investors in a dynamic, exportable format with just a few clicks.  Generating a living co-investor report not only delivers the networking data you crave quickly, but it also stays up-to-date without the need for constant manual updates.

2) Portfolio Company Report - Have you ever thought about analyzing portfolio companies across all your funds but didn’t have the time or resources to collect the appropriate information?  You’re not alone. A solid Portfolio Company Report is something every venture capitalist needs to keep track of their fund’s activity and overall performance. It aggregates investment data across all your portfolio companies into a single view, effectively summarizing where you’ve deployed capital and what you currently own. 

3) Transaction ledger - Take your internal and LP financial reporting to the next level by using a Transaction Ledger Report to track historical investments.  This detailed breakdown of every investment event in your fund’s activity is an invaluable source of truth for venture funds. Aumni makes generating this report easy: once closing deal documents have been added to the dashboard you can filter, analyze and export your firm's transaction ledger on demand.

Meaningful reports enhance the information investors can use to make data driven decisions moving forward and also provide venture capitalists with a simple way to provide portfolio or fund insights to their limited partners and other key stakeholders with a low time commitment.  In a world where feedback loops are long and time is a precious commodity, venture capitalists can benefit from solutions designed to maximize time while not sacrificing their portfolio’s data integrity. Having reports like the Co-Investor Report, Portfolio Company Report and the Transaction Ledger ready at a moments notice provides venture capitalists with a quick and accurate way to deliver key information about their funds and portfolios.

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