Venture Capital Data


Convert complex deal document data into an at-a-glance single source of truth. 

Investment Auditing & Due Diligence

Investment closing documents often contain errors that can impact fund reporting and performance. Aumni audits & analyzes every transaction to confirm that the documents are complete and error-free.

Investment Auditing

Our proprietary application routinely audits and analyzes your investments from seed through exit and identifies risk areas that can jeopardize your fund’s performance and returns.

Due Diligence

Ensure your team has the most reliable dataset available, which can save you time, reduce outside counsel fees, and streamline audits when your closing sets are under the microscope.

Data-Driven Dashboard & Reporting Tools

Unlock the richest data source that’s sitting untapped to give your venture team an edge. Aumni’s turn-key platform extracts essential financial, commercial and legal data from investment deal documents.

Quick Search & Easy Management

Save time and money managing and searching for intricate deal metrics using our secure, interactive online environment.

Robust Reporting & Analytics Tools

Our robust reporting and analytics tools allow instant access to investment data including key economics and legal rights.

Getting Started is Easy

Using the richest and most accurate dataset available, Aumni delivers valuable insight that can be used across an entire venture investment team.

Kicking Off

Our data audit and extraction processes are as simple as sending us your closing documents.

Going Forward

Aumni streamlines ongoing data upkeep with continuous portfolio monitoring and data analytics services.

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