This is Aumni Innovation.

The technology at the core of Aumni’s capabilities.

The AumniSphere

Using the latest in AI and machine learning technology, the AumniSphere analyzes your investment data with unprecedented speed, depth, and accuracy, so you can feel 100% confident in your decisions.

The AumniSphere is what makes us different, and you better.

Unstructured legal and financial data from deal docs

Impeccable data delivered through an easy-to-use interface

Unstructured legal and financial data from deal docs

Impeccable data delivered through an easy-to-use interface


Using rule-based reasoning—a powerful AI methodology—complex legal and financial data points are identified and verified quickly and accurately. During this stage, any and all inconsistencies are flagged, whether it’s the outstanding shares in a financing transaction being greater than the shares authorized, or a SAFE conversion showing an unusual shortage or windfall.

Not only does such validation make basic business sense, but it also ensures that the data we return to you is as exact as possible.


Raw data is dry. By running thousands of calculations on hundreds of applicable data points, Enrichment makes it dynamic and easier to understand.

For example, you could rely on cap table data calculated from manually tracked spreadsheets, but wouldn’t you rather let the Enrichment process deliver a dynamically generated cap table—sourced directly from legal agreements—and show you a simple ownership percentage?

Enrichment makes your data more vivid and more valuable.


The AumniSphere’s extensive analysis allows you to visualize and manipulate your data, so you can get the most out of it. Slice and dice by time to uncover historical trends, identify the frequency of legal terms, view co-investor networks, and compare industry benchmarks.

This is where you reap the rewards of Aumni Innovation.

Can AI really understand complex legal data?

Analyzing unstructured data from text-heavy documents can be a challenge for software programs. Human experts do it amazingly well, but not at scale.

Aumni combines the best of both worlds in a unique process that leverages the expertise of venture attorneys and the technological power of AI. The result is instant access to accurate and in-depth information.

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