Aumni's Kelsey Chase Discusses VC Trends on Founders & Friends Podcast

Jan 25


Nicole Davis

Kelsey Chase, co-founder of Aumni, joins the Founders & Friends Podcast with Scott Orn, A Startup Podcast by Kruze Consulting, to share an overview of Aumni--including how and why Aumni got started, details on the company's recent Series B funding, and the types of questions that Aumni's unique dataset answers for investors. 

Kelsey also delves into trends in the venture capital market that Aumni's original data has unveiled, such as a 40% increase in valuations across the board at Series A (100% jump for fintech alone) YoY from 2020 to 2021. He also addresses obstacles and the theme of access to private capital investing, as well as "over-under" valuations and capital predictions for 2022. 

Lastly, he covers Aumni's partnership with Act One Ventures and the positive impact that the Diversity Rider is having on the VC market. Listen to the full podcast here.